St Louis Jugglefest 2010!

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St Louis Jugglefest 2010!

October 22nd - 24th, 2010

Olin Women's Building / Dance Studio A

Washington University in St Louis

1 Brookings Drive / St Louis, MO 63130

For more information about this event, contact:

Jeremy Fein - Jeremyfein@gmail.com

Jeremy Perkins - Jeremyperkins@wustl.edu

Hey there, jugglers! First time on the WUSTL campus? It's a confusing sort of place. It'd do you good to print up a copy of the CAMPUS MAP before you come out, so you know where you're going!

Festival Details::

The SHOW:: This year's show features juggling greats JAY GILLIGAN, DREAM TEAM, and TONY PEZZO!

The TIMES:: SATURDAY, October 23rd - 7:00pm at May Auditorium.

Tickets cost $15 and are available at the door ONLY. Get 'em early!

For more information on the show, please visit the Juggling Showcase 2010! page.



The SPACE:: The WashU Performing Arts Dept is being SUPER NICE in letting us use the Olin 1 Dance Studio in the Olin Women's Building to host the festival; the same place as last year! It's got pirouette friendly wooden floors that you're allowed to walk around in your stocking feet on (just like European conventions! How cultured!) It also has MASSIVELY tall ceilings (meaning about a quint in passing, so sleep comfortably knowing you'll be able to do all of your nine on doubles passing tricks, or about a "b" level throw in siteswap notation (well, at least when I throw a b... It'd be more like a 9 for Tony Pezzo or a low 7 for Kristian Wanvik.)) At any rate, it's a nice tall ceiling in an air-conditioned room with plenty of flourescent lighting and a gigantic mirror so you can check yourself out as you juggle or stare at that cute contact juggler over there in the corner. You know the one I'm talking about.

No food or drinks (excepting water) allowed in the practice area.

Admission to the festival space is free! (As it should be!)

Friday: 5:00pm - 11:59pm

Saturday: 10:00am - 11:59pm

Sunday: 10:00am - 5:00pm


  Photos of the convention site:







The AREA:: The Danforth Campus also has a Subway located right next to Mallinckrodt (you know, sandwiches!), and there is a grocery store as well as several fine eateries on the Delmar Loop, easily within walking / unicycling distance from the festival space. (Note the bridge next to 2 on the map.) And, of course, there will be FREE PEANUT BUTTER SANDWICHES at the event (but not in the dance studio, haven't you been listening?)



Jay Gilligan – TBA

Josh Horton - TBA

Doug Sayers – TBA

Tony Pezzo – Advanced Rings, TBA

The Jeremys – Takeouts

Thom Wall - TBA


If you would like to run a workshop, please contact Jeremy Perkins – jeremyperkins@wustl.edu



...run by St Louis' very own Captain of Fun,. These will be split up between Saturday and Sunday.

Individual Games!

Team Games!
Secret Games - Never before played at a juggling festival!


Post-gym festivities -



Come show us your stuff! All are welcome to perform, prepared or not.

Note:: No booze for sale at this event (it's in a WU lecture hall), though feel free to bring your own libations.



Where to STAY:: While there are loads of hotels near WashU. The two closest hotels to the festival (by far) are the Cheshire Lodge and the Moonrise Hotel.

CRASHSPACE:: If you're looking for a couch to stay on, please email crashmaster Jeremy Fein - Jeremyfein@gmail.com


TRANSPORTATION:: The WashU campus also has two stops on the St Louis Metro line (one on Skinker, next to Brookings Hall and one on Big Bend and Forsyth.) If you're flying in, this train will take you directly to campus, as well as the surrounding downtown area. The Big Bend station will take you closer to the practice area than the others, though if you're crashing at someone's place and want to stop there first, you may be using theBig Bend, Skinker, DeBall., or Delmar stations.

You can park on Forsyth Blvd or find a YELLOW parking space for free on Satuday/Sunday. You can park at a meter without paying anytime after 7:00 at night. Parking spaces are also available on Forsyth Blvd. There is also a parking garage underneath the new University Center (next to Mallinckrodt.) It costs a dollar an hour and is much closer to the Women's Building than parking spots on Forsyth. Check out the campus map (.pdf) -- all good parking spots are marked in yellow. The Women's Building, Simon Hall (show site), and Thom's place (old director of the festival) are all circled in red! Convenience! Sentimentality! Laziness! :)


Want to VEND a the 2010 St Louis Juggling Festival? Send Jeremy Perkins an email - jeremyperkins@wustl.edu



This year we've got a huge raffle with hundreds of dollars worth of prizes!


Shirt design and cost TBD.











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